Recustom - Pricing Information

Recustom is early-access software. Pricing will change, and early-access customers will remain on the price scheme they received when signing up. This is called Grandfathering.

The service will continue to improve and features will be added, while keeping the core features locked in.

Choose the lowest plan that still suits your expected needs, and get in touch with us any time if you need help with pricing or have any billing enquiries.

Just trying things out?

Start with the Free plan, and get in touch with us for us to move you up a notch when you're ready. Use our template library to get up and running fast with a template, SMS a few customers, and see how fast and easy it is to increase revenue.

Ready to integrate?

If you've seen a few of our training videos and you're ready to plug in, get started on the Small or Pro plan and we can start recapturing customers for you.

Base Features.

All plans include fault tolerant, auto scaling infrastructure built on Google Cloud - designed to handle both thousands of SMS a minute and easy recovery for cloud provider outages.

Our secure multi-tenant architecture secured on Google Cloud guarantees your data safety and ensures no unprivileged access to production data.

Best practice authentication and authorisation ensures a battle tested approach to user and team management.

Set up and Go!

We've designed Recustom to require as little work as possible. After creating an account, you need to set up a template (or choose one from our suggested library) and then your service is ready to go.

From there, anytime you need to schedule a message just enter the variables needed and get it queued. It's the fastest and cheapest way to increase revenue for your business, and avoids the huge expenses of advertising, marketing, new lead generation - customer acquisition.

A returning customer is far cheaper to get through the door than a new customer.


$0/ mo

  • Up to 20 SMS a month
  • SMS displays Recustom branding
  • Good to test out the service
Sign up for free


$19/ mo

  • Up to 500 SMS a month included
  • No Recustom branding
  • Start recapturing customers
Get Started


$49/ mo

  • Unlimited SMS - 1200 included, additional extra
  • No Recustom branding
  • Multiple users and audit tools
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