What is Recustom

Recustom is a simple tool that allows businesses to send SMS to a customer based on a schedule.

The power of Recustom is in contacting a customer at the right moment to ask them to re-book with your business.

As Recustom grows, we'll continue to add additional business types and templates so you can easily set up customer contacts that are expected in your industry.

Why use Recustom

Custom software is expensive. Big companies already have a solution for SMS, Email, Automated Phone outreach to customers to pull them back in and ensure they revisit the business to spend.

Small businesses usually have no such solution.

A customer finds you via a Google Search or a Facebook recommendation. They get in touch to book an appointment or a piece of work, pay for the work, and leave happy. Next time the customer needs this service (Ordering flowers. Servicing their car. Getting their house sprayed for bugs.) they start this process again, only this time they might find your competitor instead.

Does this sound familiar? Recustom is designed to reach out to your customer at that point that they will re-enter your market. 11 months and 2 weeks after getting their house sprayed for bugs, a customer is a red-hot prospect for hiring a service. Reach out to them automatically and get a response from them about if they're interested - without any work from you.

Getting Started