Find below a list of industry types we've identified that benefit from making use of Recustom.

Because of the low cost required and the business improvement to retaining customers, it's an easy decision to get onboard.

Mechanic Workshop

Reaching out to customers by SMS for a mechanic workshop
If you own or operate a mechanic workshop, you'll have some amount of customers you see regularly for years, and some amount of customers who visit once or twice to quickly get a task out of the way and then never again.

For the regulars, the process can be tightened up. But the drop-ins who you never see again need to be captured.


What makes these people call around? If they're in for annual safety checks, you could take something off their plate by reaching out in advance to make a booking. Use a preconfigured template to see if they'd like a call.


These customers come in for one thing and then are never seen again.

They don't have a trusted mechanic, or they would have gone there instead! It's worth getting in touch with these customers again to see if they may be back.

Was it a safety check or a scheduled service? Reach out to them automatically when it should be due.

Was it a one off service? Maybe you can send them a coupon 6 months down the road to remind them your business exists. A simple $10 off might be enough to remind them where you are.


Reaching out to customers by SMS for a florist
People get in touch with a florist for two things right? Scheduled and unscheduled events.

Scheduled Events

There's a huge opportunity to reach out to people again for scheduled events - planning for anniversaries, birthdays is often forgotten about and arranged at the last minute.

These are people who've been in touch and ordered an arrangement or product for an occasion that will definitely happen again. If you're not sending them an SMS a week or two before to lock them down, there's a far higher chance of their dollar going elsewhere.

It only takes a single SMS to say "Hi Sam, would you like us to arrange something for your wedding anniversary next week? Reply YES and we'll get in touch" to take the burden off your customer. Set up on autopilot, it's a surefire recurring revenue improvement for your business.

Unscheduled Events

For unscheduled events, it may be an opportunity to follow up with the customer after the items have been delivered to ask for a google review. This will allow you to improve your ranking on Google and add confidence to potential customers who are searching for a local florist.

Pet Care - Dog Washing

This represents a whole series of business types. Non essential, scheduled services that are booked a few times a year.

If you've got a dog or pets in general, it's great to get them a good clean, brush and clip every 6 weeks or so.

If you're waiting around for customers to call again in 6 weeks time, when they remember and when they get a moment to find your number and call, you must be losing customers semi-regularly.

The solution is to queue up a personalised SMS to your customer to send in 5 weeks time. A simple "Hi Jane, would you like me to book Bella in for a clip again? Reply YES if so and we'll call".

Customer recaptured, conversions increased, and more business underway.

Lawn and Landscape Care

Keeping customers regular by using SMS scheduling for a Lawn Care company
Keeping a customer in the routine of regular lawn and landscape care is an easier task with automated outreach.

Schedule an SMS to reach out to your customers at last booked + 3 weeks will give the customer a prompt to rebook, keep the regular tasks more manageable and increase average customer spend.

An example SMS might look like "Hi Dave, we last visited your property 3 weeks ago. Would you like to book in another visit? Reply YES and we'll call shortly."

Pool Care

Increasing customer retention with active SMS scheduling for a Pool Care company
Inconsistent customer bookings suggest your service may not be front of mind, or might need a bit of work on the customer side to make a booking. If they've got a few errands on today, they might make a note to call tomorrow, and suddenly it ends up next week. This costs your business money.

Sending an SMS at a reasonable interval to ask a customer to re-book will give your business the best chance of the customer booking. As simple as "Hi Max, it's now been 4 weeks and we're ready to check your pool again. Can we book you in? Reply YES and we'll give you a call.".

When the customer replies YES, they'll be added to a call list for you to book them in. Customer retention is on autopilot and your bookings are increased.