Queuing up your first SMS message with Recustom

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We'll walk through sending your first SMS message with Recustom.


What do you need done already?

  1. You need your Recustom account created. Do it now.

  2. You've already set up your first Recustom template

  3. You're signed in and ready to go

Checking your template

If you're signed in and on the dashboard, click 'Templates' on the left hand sidebar.

Confirm you've got a template ready to go. If you followed the earlier post about setting up your first template, you should have a template configured that will SMS a customer after 3 months asking them if it's time to rebook.

First Recustom template created!

Creating an SMS

On the left side navigation bar, click 'Messages'. You'll receive a notice that there's no messages yet - click the green button 'Add new Message' to get started on the first one.

Adding a new SMS message in Recustom panel

You'll see a popout box with a few options now. The first important thing we need to do is select which template we're using.

Let's send an SMS to Sally about her Mustang. Select the "Last Saw you / time to book" template (or whatever you called it earlier).

Selecting the Last Saw You template for our SMS.

The variables we configured earlier have appeared for us to fill.

Filling the Variables

Firstly, enter a valid mobile number (you can use your real one - we won't market to you).

Secondly, fill the variables. Keep an eye on the preview box to see how it'll look.

The Preview box should be starting to look good, and you'll note a default Send Date has been selected for 3 months in the future. You can always change it if you need to.

Change the Send Date to be today. We'll queue this up and send it to you just like a real SMS from the system (... because it is a real SMS from the system!)

Filling the variables for our new SMS message

Click 'Save Changes' to queue your message. It'll now appear in the message queue, ready to send.

The SMS in the queue ready to send.

Our service checks every hour for SMS messages to send, so keep an eye out for your SMS!


That's all there is to it. Once there's a template configured, you can tap 'Add New Message', select the template, and fill the variables.

We'll queue up the SMS to the customer and reach out to them for you.

Make a small change to your business - queue up an SMS at the time they are paying for their service to make sure they come back.

It's a simple change to your business that will pay you back with real revenue.

So how do I get started?

Three ways, pick one:

  1. Create an account and get started.
  2. Follow our training videos that will guide you through from the start to your first message.
  3. Get in touch and we'll get you up and running.